Review Policy

It takes me about a week or so to finish a book, depends on the book and the story behind it and how much i like/ dislike the book. 

At the moment I can only accept Finished copies, and ARCs (I don't own a kindle yet, and I love the feel of paper/ hardbacks)

I review/ accept: Young Adult only!

What I love currently--

-- Romance
-- Fantasy (Urban, etc)
-- Paranormal 
-- Paranormal Romance (Yes please!) 
-- Contemporary (not big on then, but I do enjoy them sometimes)
-- Retellings
-- Historical
-- Mythology

What I like to avoid, but don’t mind IF the story line is alright!
-- Chick flic
-- Self- published titles ( if it interests me then I might give it a go)

I will review both the book I loved and didn’t love so much on my blog, all books will be put into either Kissed or Bitten catagories depending how I liked them, I will mostly focus on what I felt while reading the book and so on.
I will also put my reviews on my goodreads account Paulina-- , where if I hated the book I will rant about it nonstop ( I actually enjoy doing that)

For Authors/ Bloggers and Random followers—
If you want me to review a book for you then don't hesitate to email me, if you have any time limits, anything you would like me to include in the review then you have to tell me when you request the review.

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