Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How do you picture him? ~3~ 

How do you picture him is a meme that I will be hosting every two weeks or so picking out some of the dreamy boys from books that I'm sure we all want to drool over

 But I do like this one ^

Sam Roth- I love him,  he is sooo cute!! So yeah- I was on a mission to find the perfect guy that could look like Sam. The truth? I failed, there isn't a guy on this planet that I could just say yup you would make a great Sam. He is one of a kind. And that's why I love him. When ever I read any of the Mercy Falls books I never fully picture Sam. I know what he would look like but it's really hard to put a face on him. So anyway. I sent about 20 minutes looking on Google for someone that could possibly be him and this is what I found. xxx


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