Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Little Rants.....~1~

Wanna know what goes inside my head? Well here you go, enjoy.

Have you ever felt like you didn’t quite get the joke? Or you just don’t understand something that everyone seems to and you feel like just nodding and hoping there are no follow up questions? I do quite a bit at times, most of my friends are pretty smart, but the rest not so much. But they aren’t idiots like some people in my school (I will get to them in a while) 

Whenever I feel quite stupid for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, for not quite getting something I look back to my English class at school. 

It was a glorious afternoon half of the class was away doing exams or just skipping school and we finished all out work early, having just spend about three weeks reading An Inspector Calls as if we were in Primary school. Apparently more than half of my class is not capable of picking up a book or a play for that matter and reading it. My class must be the laziest and the biggest class to hold so many idiots in at one time, and don’t think this just happened once, or twice it happens every lesson! (I know what you must think- were the lowest set, well prepare for this- were set three!! That’s not amazing or super smart, but there are two more sets below us- that can hardly read or write) So yes it was a massive breakthrough for us to actually do any work.
Having this amazing achievement our teacher (who may I say- cannot teach to save her life” decided that we should do some revision and talk about what we just learned. 

Let me get straight to the point, a girl in my class (who I’m sure has a smaller IQ then a brick!) told us how a woman who was pregnant and then killed herself while pregnant surely could not have killed the baby as well. You following me on this?

 Apparently even though you have just killed yourself as in ended a life, with a life inside of you that needs you to be breathing for about eight more months can still have a baby. (If you are thinking to yourself who on earth does that work?! Or what the hell did she just say?! You are not the only one, I to this day still have no idea how that could possibly work, and I don’t think I want to know)  
Her exact words were “Yeh, I know the girl died but the baby survived”
If you think that this is made up you are wrong, if you think this girl is playing around, you’re also wrong.
At times like this I feel like the smartest person alive, just the sheer thought of someone being this stupid and idiotic makes me so much happier.

So the point of this little rant I just wanted to say that if you ever think of yourself as stupid, just look back at this and think to yourself how lucky you are to have been born with more than two brain cells.


  1. LOL you are funny!

    I felt the same way in high school. Most of the kids in my class were book smart, and it was very competitive to get to the top 25 in the class. But they had absolutely no common sense.

    Part of this was it was a very small town in the middle of Iowa, and most of them had no experience other than their little bubble. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Not a huge city, but big enough to have some diversity I guess. We also traveled a lot when I was a kid, and I read constantly.

    Anyways, I liked school itself, but felt my brain was being sucked dry in any kind of social situation.

    But then the best thing happened-- I GRADUATED and got to MOVE away from there!

    I promise high school won't last forever :)

    1. Thank you, someone who appreciates my funniness :D

      Well truth be told I don't mind being in school right now, sure it sucks but everyday there is something going on. xxx