Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Little Rants.....~2~ 

Wanna know what goes inside my head? Well here you go, enjoy.
~ALL my Rants are harmless fun, and are not there to offend/ upset anyone- they are just for fun.~ 

So everyone knows what Facebook is I presume. Unless you live in the basement and only come out every two years to stuff your face. 

Well if you have Facebook yourself you most likely have a friend or a couple of friends who are pretty much attention whores. What do I mean by that I hear you ask? Well the people that keep saying stuff like “I hate life”, “I can’t believe this happened to me” “someone cheer me up” blah blah blah you get the picture. 

I don’t really like Facebook, all the crap people post don’t interest me one bit! Unless of course it’s a bitch fight, or something funny. If you think that posting a ton pictures of your dinner, you in the toilet (really classy) or you pretending to be a duck is going to be interesting I have one thing to say to you. STOP!! 

But seriously what makes people write stuff like “I just had my dinner, here’s a picture” WHY?! Who cares? Say something funny, and meaning full that someone will actually like. Imagine if you died and at your funeral they decided to read out all of your facebook statuses, how boring would that be?! 

So anyway, whenever someone posts a very depressing post and all their friends are concerned saying what’s wrong, to text them, to email them ect I want to rip my hair out whenever that person then decided to say “oh don’t worry”. What the hell was the point in posting it in the first place? They deserve a slap for that.

I’m not having a go at all the people that really are sad and need cheering up- go for it- but if you think it’s acceptable to just say then it doesn’t matter what the hell possessed you to put it up in the first place?!?!

Morel of the story- don't be a pain in the bum on facebook!

Ps- is this font easy to read? I'm not quite sure so lemme know what you guys think. xxx

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