Thursday, 17 May 2012

How do you picture him? ~3~ 

How do you picture him is a meme that I will be hosting every two weeks or so picking out some of the dreamy boys from books that I'm sure we all want to drool over

This is the beautiful Sebastian from ReVamped! I love him so so much!! 

So here's a little more about him; 

His birthday: November 18th, 1853 ( I wouldn't mind giving him a very massive hug on his birthday)  

Eye colour: Light gray

Hair: Black, Longish, Curly 

He is super hot, mysterious, sweet, caring.. and did I mention hot?!

This guy is adorable, I dunno who he is- I just typed "hot guys" into google and voila and he was just there being all hot, and I think the gray eyes look exactly as Sebastian's.

So my second guy is Taylor Blackburn- he plays Caleb in Pretty Little Liars if you didn't know and he's so cute!

Here's a pretty picture of him. 

Okay so if you have read ReVamped, then tell me what you think Sebastian looks like, if you haven't yet read this book then do so right this minute!!! But from the description let me know who you think could/ does look like him. 

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