Saturday, 9 June 2012

My lame ass excuse.... 

Okay so hopefully you guys have noticed my absence, me going off all the time without a warning. But also slacking big time on the blog!! And for that I am truly sorry *goes in the corner and cries* I can sit here and list all the stuff that went wrong for me- like the thought that my Internet decided to kill itself and not turn on for little old me. Or the fact that I have been running around after school to do revision classes and exams. But that would not make a difference the truth is even with all the stupid stuff going on I should have made a bigger effort to come and post but sadly I didn't.. 

But have no fear I am ditching my old lazy ass self and from now on (unless there is a massive reason) I shall post as much as I humanly can and as much as my little brain can handle. Take in mind however that I'm trying to type this up using just one hand (my wrist is killing  can't even freaking move it!!) 

Having said all that I do need some help from YOU guys! Yes you! I need ideas for "My Little Rants" or anything else that you would *love* to see on this blog, from different memes- to even hosting you as a guest on my blog!

Anything at all- and if you're sitting there reading this and you have a stroke of genius email me as fast as you can!!

kissed.bitten_by_books(at) yahoo( dot) com