Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cover Reveal- ReAwakend by Ada Adams

~~ReVamped website:
~~ReVamped Facebook page:
~~Ada Adam's Twitter:!/Ada_Adams
~~Cover Designer: Juliana Kolesova @
~~“ReAwakened” Theme: Blood (hence the cover color).
 AHHHHHHH!!!!! This beautiful book is coming out this year! So anyone who has not yet read ReVamped get yourself together and buy the book! 

I love both of the covers they are both very beautiful, no beyond beautiful... I told Ada that I really love both of the covers and that I couldn't decide which one I love more (it's like a crime) but thankfully she told me I'm able to love both (phew I thought I would have to flip a coin) 

So in case you haven't yet figured out that how much I love this brand new vampire series by my little fit above I really do. It's mostly because of the twist in the middle, and well the fact that vampires came out of their coffins and are out and about in the real world.

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