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Review:Prom Nights From Hell 

In this exciting collection, bestselling authors Meg Cabot ("How to Be Popular"), Kim Harrison ("A Fistful of Charms"), Michele Jaffe ("Bad Kitty"), Stephenie Meyer ("Twilight"), and Lauren Myracle ("ttyl") take bad prom nights to a whole new level--a paranormally bad level. Wardrobe malfunctions and two left feet don't hold a candle to discovering your date is the Grim Reaper--and he isn't here to tell you how hot you look.
From angels fighting demons to a creepy take on getting what you wish for, these five stories will entertain better than any DJ in a bad tux. No corsage or limo rental necessary. Just good, scary fun.

~ I read and reviewed this book a long time ago, so this review is a little bit old and it was written around the time when I was obsessed with Twilight and Stephenine Meyer~ 

Well first of all I LOVE THE BOOK AND THE STORIES!! The stories are amazing, even though they are really short they are nevertheless amazing. The way they are told and the way you can so picture it is awesome..
But there is one story I don't like and to be completely honest I couldn't wait to finish it.
And the story was by *Cries* Stephenie Meyer- Hell on earth.
I love her and her work but this story was just dreadful. It was painful to read, for me it didn't make any sense and it was just so so confusing. And it absolutely kills me to say this but I didn't like it at all, it was nothing like any of her other stories it was as if she just made it up on the spot.
But anyway- my favourite is Meg Cabot - The Exterminator's Daughter. It was so quick and snappy but nonetheless I loved it, it was so flirty and so just amazing, I don't know how else to describe it but I loved it.
Now to the next story by Lauren Myracle- The Corsage I wasn't so keen on the story at first, I thought it was a bit dull. But then it got really interesting and it was more of a halloween story then a prom one. SPOILER ALERT!! I hated the ending and if it was me who brought the love of my life back to life I would most likely still love him and not wish for him to go away!
Kim Harrison- Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper was okay I will read the rest of the books because it ended on a great cliff hanger and I can't wait to see what happens next. But that's all I have to say for it to be honest.
Michele Jaffer- Kiss and Tell. Well for starts I love the characters. I love the beginning and I love the ending even though there isn't going to be more books of Kiss and Tell as far as I'm aware, I would love to see what happens next and what happens with Miranda.

So the book was awesome, and I know I pointed out most of the stuff I didn't like but there are a lot a lot of stuff I love. But I'm not going to dwell on that.

So if you are looking for some sharp, snappy and flirty stories I would totally recommend it. :)

BITTEN!!~Five amazing authors- five amazing bites!!~

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  1. I'm totally reading this book! I also wanted to let you know I've nominated your blog for an award. The post with more information will be up on my blog this Friday. :)